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Inc. Radio Podcast Featuring Scott Duffy

How to Start a Business | FULL EPISODE | #25

Inc. is the magazine for growing businesses, but what about fresh businesses? This week we only need one man to give us all of the best advice we need, Scott Duffy. From failure and persistence to how to best invest in your startup venture, Scott is your guide.

Segment 1: Failure Builds Character

The number one asset an entrepreneur can have is a bad experience. Content.Market Founder & CEO, Scott Duffy, explains why failing is an important part of succeeding.

Segment 2: Getting Started

Most of a rocket’s fuel is burnt in the first three feet of launch. Scott Duffy, Author of “Launch!”, shares his insight on getting a business off the ground. Find out why you shouldn’t worry as much about the future and concentrate instead on getting started.

Segment 3: Winds Of Change

Even if you are an established entrepreneur with a successful business, you can still gleam a host of new information from Scott Duffy’s new book, “Launch!” The technology of the world is changing and “Launch!” can help you keep up.

Segment 4: Minimum Viable Product

Starting a business doesn’t always involve taking gigantic risks. Scott Duffy urges us to take it one step at a time and minimize our risk. Start your business now and go from there!

Segment 5: The Barter System

Sometimes the most valuable thing you have to trade is not in your check book. Scott and Alan remind us that through bartering you can attain most of what you need, whether your currency is experience or even a huge fish you just caught.

Segment 6: Content.Market

To have a successful website, you need content for it. Scott Duffy talks about his new site, Content.Market, which provides inexpensive, royalty free content to spruce up your business website. Keep an eye out for Content.Market coming this August!

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Scott Duffy is a bestselling author and speaker, an Angel Investor, a business consultant and the founder and CEO of The Launch Project, a company dedicated to helping millions of people around the world live their dreams through entrepreneurship.