Investors, Boards & Entrepreneur CEOs

Scott spends most of his time working with Investors to protect their capital, Boards to provide guidance, and Entrepreneur CEOs as a coach, mentor, and sounding board. Contact us to learn more.


Corporate Consulting

Scott works with Fortune 500 and emerging growth companies to help management launch new businesses, products, and services. His roll-up-your-sleeves, hands on approach, helps to instill an entrepreneurial mindset that is required to stay competitive in today’s marketplace. Contact us to learn more.


12 Week Launch Course

This online course provides individuals with a road map and step-by-step approach for launching new ventures. This includes how to mitigate your personal risk, develop a plan that sells, build great teams, raise capital, identify your target market, create a minimum viable product, engage users in the most effective and cost efficient ways, help people find your product and get the distribution you need, sell more faster, and provide great support. Once launched, you will learn how to prepare for what comes next. To learn more, contact us.


Raising Capital

This webinar with Scott is the fastest way to get started raising the capital your company needs. During this call, you will learn the most effective ways protect your personal bank account and bootstrap to gain access to the resources you need. You will learn how to raise outside capital including which investors to target and why, how to contact and engage your prospects, what to say and what not to say to these targets, what materials you need to prepare, when you will need to deliver them, how to keep moving prospects through the evaluation cycle, and how to get investors to say “yes”. To get started, click here.


Blindspot Analysis

The #1 reason entrepreneurs fail is they don’t have a roadmap. As a result, they “fly blind” wasting valuable time and money learning through trial and error. The Blind Spot Analysis includes a checklist to help you prepare and anticipate what lies ahead. As a result, you are not left with any blind spots prior to launch. To order a copy contact us.


LAUNCH! “The Critical 90 Days from Idea To Market”

This is the place to start! The perfect foundation for entrepreneurs and corporate managers that want to succeed in today’s marketplace. If you’ve already launched, its the perfect tune up for getting the most out of your existing business. To order now, click here.